David is what we affectionately refer to as a “late starter”.


David has Bachelor degrees in Engineering and Economics, a Master’s Degree in Business Administration and in excess of 20 years “hands on” experience in the building industry.


One would think that the prospect of becoming a lawyer later in life would be the ultimate self-torture.


Yet that is exactly what he did; and after convincing younger law students that the meaning of life couldn’t be found inside the pubs of Adelaide, he graduated in 1999.


David started his career with Minter Ellison and his breadth of practical building and engineering experience saw him rise to the top of his field and set him apart from his peers.


Capacity and Service Levels


David consults to FBR Law 3 days per week.  As or when required by clients or the firm, he ‘gears up’ to be a full timer.


David is always around the place and is more than happy to see to clients whenever they require.




David’s expertise is vast and extensive.  He has an excellent understanding of the technical aspects of construction due to his engineering background.


We love having him around the place.

0419 860 861