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Commerce makes the world go round!

Like you, we're an integral part of that commercial world.

After all, we're in the legal services sector.


Let me share with you just a little bit of what we've learnt over the years.

"We don't know what we don't know"


So, when we have an IT issue , we call the techno guy.

When we have a leaky pipe, we call a plumber and when the photocopier decides to play dead before a large print job

yep! you guessed it!

we call the copier dude.


So when you have a legal problem, please....please don't self diagnose!

It's a bad, bad, bad move - on all levels

Get advice from those whom are skilled in what you're not.




 This is what we do when it comes to this area of the law.


Asset Protection




Joint Ventures

Sale and Purchase of Business


Loan Agreements



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