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Having been thrown in the deep end at Floreani Coates and Co within 6 months of graduating from law school in 1991, Sean was forced to swim or risk drowning.


Thankfully he managed to service the needs of 50 clients from day 1 and successfully develop a skill set in the general practice that was owned and operated by Bob Floreani and Michael Coates, both at Goodwood and Port Lincoln.


Gathering experience at a rate of knots for a diverse range of clientele (being individuals, mums and dads, SME’s) on a range of legal issues (property, development, building construction, commercial, corporate, litigation, arbitration, maritime, fishing, finance, estate planning, insolvency…and whatever else came along) saw Sean develop a love for solving the problem rather than exacerbating or creating a new one.


In 2001 Sean created FRS Legal, which has since merged, reformed and grown as FBR Law.


Sean is solution focussed, practical and a lateral thinker.


He has developed a unique skill set in the property, development and construction sector and since 2008 has been recognised as “property lawyer of the year”, and as ‘pre-eminent’ in the SA legal profession (Building and Construction).


Capacity and Service Levels


He is a busy man, but has an excellent and dedicated support team.


He is usually about the place and happy to service out of hours if need be. If he is not about the place, someone else will be.




Litigious and non litigious advice in the Property, Construction, Development, Commercial sector.


If he doesn’t know the answer, he knows where and from whom to find it!

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